Wednesday, 2 July 2014

Year 9 Curriculum day part 1

Yesterday Year 9 took part in career activities, listening to guest speakers talk about different parts of studying and career paths.  They were visited by Paige Hutchinson and Veronica Hutchinson.  Paige is a fellow student, speaking about independent learning and thinking.  Veronica works within schools and spoke about career paths and enthusiasm for learning.  Veronica is also in the process of setting up a charity herself, which was also very inspiring to hear.  These speakers were followed by Mr Grzesiczek who spoke about education turning into a career, as well as Mr Ballard who spoke about his teaching of psychology at A level and as a career after.  To finish the day the sixth form Head students gave a talk and activities about working hard, inspiring the students to work as best they can to achieve their goals.

Today Year 9 students have a day of activities from national company "Live-N-Learn" details to follow later today....