Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Respect for all - a key aspet of Townsend

At Townsend we believe that every person is equally important and that no-one has a right to harass, insult or cause offence to any other person for any reason.  We particularly reject the way that some people abuse others:
  • because they are richer or poorer, older or younger,
  • because they are small or tall, thin or fat,
  • because of the colour of their skin,
  • because they are male or because they are female,
  • because they are a teacher or a pupil,
  • because of their religion,
  • because of handicap or personal problems,
  • because of their looks or what they wear,
  • because of their likes and dislikes,
  • because they are popular or unpopular,
  • because  of their ability or lack of ability,
  • because of their nationality or accent,
We are all individuals with differences, but we are all members of Townsend and can learn from each other.