Monday, 2 March 2015

Author Alex Woolf drops in!

To celebrate World book day this week, year 7 and 8 students from Townsend were treated to an author visit last Friday from local author Alex Woolf.  Alex spoke about the process of writing and becoming a published author, as well as the importance of reading, and how he is always reading two or three books at once!
A year 8 student said:
"I really liked what Alex was telling us about reading and books - he writes the first chapter of his book then his publisher checks it before he can write the next one.  The process of becoming an established author was very interesting to hear about, as well as the variety of books that he has written and published."
All of this week we are celebrating with various activities, including an interactive game of guess the teacher behind the book, podcasts from celebrities about reading, making bookmarks at lunchtime, quizzes in form time, teachers reading their to students as well as receiving their £1 book tokens to buy their WBD book.