Monday, 7 September 2015

Welcome back!

Today is the first day of everyone back at school for the new term.  We would like to welcome all year 7 students who had their first day of school last Friday with lots of team building exercises and meeting their form tutors.  Today we swathe rest of the school, with year 11 students in their new smart black blazers, ready to work hard in their last year of GCSE's.

The value of the month has now been launched at Townsend, with September's value of RESPECT:

September: Respect  
Our Value for the month of September is ‘Respect’. Firstly, self-respect– to know that ‘I am valuable’. We will identify our own qualities and encourage them to consider the qualities that others possess. Over the course of the month, we will discuss the richness that diversity offers and that by respecting and learning about others we can understand one another better.