Wednesday, 22 November 2017


On Wednesday 16th November the year ten boys played against Bushey Academy at home. Starting of the game with a great kick from Luca the Townsend boys quickly felt comfortable playing against the well matched opposition. Tackles in the game resulting in lots of turnovers for Townsend resulted in the first try from Emmanuel who out paced all the Bushey team with ease, Oliver 'the kicker' went on to take the conversion but unfortunately missed his first kick, the Bushey boys then realised they had underestimated the Townsend Team and came back with a try, they too missed the conversion, Townsend played the ball to Nayeem and he ran past the whole team again...with ease it seemed the 'Bushey boys' could not cope with Townsends pace on the wings. Oliver scored the conversion leaving us seven points ahead. We gained possession again and with a long pass from Morgan (c) the ball once again was with Emmanuel who ran passed the whole team and scored. However the try was scored along the side line leaving a very 'tough kick' unfortunately we did not score.
Bushey Academy came back with a try and a conversion...
The score was tied at 17-17
Ref-Mr Still decided with not long to go we would kick to win, three kickers approached with Oliver first, the ball was sure to go through the H, it did indeed, the Bushey boys also scored. Luca and Morgan (C) also scored the 'kick to win' conversions.
It came to quick fire rounds Nayeem stepped up to take the kick and got it straight through. The Bushey boys scored also.
It came to our final player Gabor who unfortunately missed the kick which the Bushey Academy boys scored.
Well played to all the team and many thanks to the Bushey boys and a large thanks to Mr Still for setting up the match for us to play
Written by Captain - Morgan