Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Year 9 Maths Challenge

Yesterday Year 9 had the opportunity to do some enriching Maths with an external visitor, Angela Gould. They carried out a variety of games and activities, from 3 in a row (adding and multiplying), problem solving and thinking skills competitions and Maths Bingo. I think, however,  that the most memorable experience will be the paper folding activity to make pyramids, then reducing the paper size from A4 to make smaller and smaller pyramids, with some students successfully constructing pyramids from an A16 'sheet'! I am looking forward to us making the football out of pyramids, and also making the pyramid big enough to sit in!
Thank you to the Year 9 students for participating so well, to the Year 13 Maths Ambassadors, Courtney and Will, for helping out so admirably, and to Friends of Townsend for funding the event.
Mrs Berry