Friday, 24 October 2014

Student gets through to final in YOPEY awards

Congratulations to our Head Student Annie Osborne who has made it through to the final of the YOPEY awards.  the reason for her nominations is that Annie has carried out a lot of charity work and raising the awareness and importance of giving blood, not only in her local area but also throughout her own school too.

The finals will take place 13th November at Moor Park Golf Course, Rickmansworth.  Good luck Annie!

For more information on the Young People of the Year awards, please click on the link below:'14

Readathon Sponsored Read

Townsend are excited to announce we are running a Readathon Sponsored Read for all students in years 7 and 8. Readathon is a national sponsored reading event for schools that encourages children to read for pleasure - an activity proven to increase children's chances of success and personal happiness for the rest of their lives (source: OECD).

Our scheme will run from Monday 3rd November to Friday 28th November. Students: - All donations should be returned in an envelope with the sponsorship card to your form tutor before Friday 12th December.

Simply by reading, our students will also raise money for seriously ill children through four UK children's charities (ReadWell supplies free books and storytellers to children in hospital;CLIC Sargent supports children/young people with cancer and their families;Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity specialises in helping children with serious neurological and blood conditions;Together for Short Lives is the leading UK charity for children's hospice services).

All year 7 and 8 pupils have been given a sponsorship card to complete over the half term holiday. House points and a prize will be given to the house that manages to collect the most in donations!

Good luck and get reading!

Accelerated Reader Awards

Yesterday in assembly students were presented with certificates as part of the Accelerated Reader programme which began in September.

Students received certificates for achieving 100% in three book quizzes, as well as one student per class receiving "Star Reader" of the month for September.

Well done to all students for a great start to the scheme, remember to keep reading over half term to gain your reading minutes!

A journey through the universe

Yesterday Dr Nick Wright from the University of Hertfordshire came in to talk to students about a journey through the universe. 

The first talk was delivered to a select group of students from years 7, 8 and 9 about space:

"We were given lots of information, some key facts were how the sun transmits energy (hydrogen to helium); how there is a black hole in the middle of each galaxy and how we might be pulverised by the exploding sun in three billion years time.  Overall I enjoyed the presentation and hope there will be another one."

"We also learnt about our solar system and how scientists don't know why the planets are spaced apart.  We looked at examples of planets and stars and other possible life.  After this we looked at galaxies and the different types.  There is a spiral galaxy and when two spiral galaxies collide it makes an elliptical galaxy.  We finally heard about about the big bang and how the universe is expanding.  Overall I enjoyed the visit from the astronomer very much and I hope there is another one soon."

Another talk was then given to Year 10 GCSE students:

"n the triple science lecture, we learnt a lot of interesting things about our universe and galaxies.  We learnt the different galaxy shapes, the main ones being spiral and elliptical.  We found out how astronomers work out the amount of galaxies and stars and how they are created.  We learnt a great deal on how all of the elements we need are made and how these elements are distributed throughout the universe during supernovas and explosions of stars.  Dr Nick also answered any questions we had, which was all really interesting!"

St Albans Council chambers visit

Last Thursday eight sixth form students visited the St Albans Council Chambers by the Alban Arena to put forward and discuss various proposed motions.  In attendance were a number of councillors with various roles.  The students were split into groups, to put forward their motions which would later be debated.  The issues debated throughout the session were:

Whether people with unhealthy lifestyles should be given less help on the NHS

Whether Sixteen year olds should be given the right to vote.

Whether St Albans should spend more money on education and less on welfare.

After being given time to prepare the presentations, everyone returned to the chambers for the afternoon to hold the debate.  The mayor of St Albans was also present for this to oversee the issues.
School age students from across the district took part, from year 10 through to year 13 students.  The debates included different issues, views and opinions, with some heated discussions!  A vote was held at the end of each proposed motion to see if it would hypothetically be brought into power and as if it was a real life situation.
The debate was filmed, with all schools receiving a copy for themselves.  The following week, the Townsend students came back to school and delivered a presentation to the rest of sixth form about the day during their LFL lesson, explaining the issues discussed and even holding their own debate in school during the lesson!
A great experience and we hope the students involved enjoyed their day!
Images below from the previous week's debate in the Chambers:


Thursday, 23 October 2014

Primary School Teachers visiting

Today our Year 7 students will receive a visit after school from their past primary teachers, to see how they're settling in to Townsend, but to also show them round where they are now based.  We would like to welcome all primary teachers and hope the Year 7 students enjoy showing them round Townsend!

Art Trips this week

This week Year 10 and 11 art students had two trips to galleries.

On Tuesday they visited the British Museum for their ancient cultures project.  The students looked at sculptures and different ancient artefacts from countries all around the world, to gain first hand experience of them.  They drew and photographed the pieces, examining the materials and craft techniques used in those times to produce the work.  This was beneficial in helping the students to develop the work in their portfolios based on this.

On Wednesday Year 10 went to visit the Tate Modern to view a mixture of present day contemporary work as well as 20th century artwork.  Students were able to experience these first hand, looking at the Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural aspects of the artists' work in relation to their own work.

Thursday, 16 October 2014

St Albans Music School primary performance today!

Today St Albans Music school are hosting a primary singing day at Townsend school, with the final performane taking place 2:30pm to 3:00pm in the school hall, which parents are also attending.  Pupils from a wide range of primary schools across Hertfordshire are attending, we welcome you all to Townsend for this fun day!

Monday, 13 October 2014

Morfa Bay trip a success!

Year 11 are on their way back from Morfa Bay! An amazing trip had by all. The weather didn't put them off, they came, they embraced, they impressed! Wind, rain, mud, sun we had it all! Students took part in coasteering, sea activities, climbing and abseiling, mountain biking, archery and the famous smelly, muddy assault course. Well done Year 11 GCSE PE students!

Wednesday, 8 October 2014

Visit to Leverstock Green CE Primary school

On Monday afternoon three sixth form students and Miss Ismail went to Leverstock Green CE primary school to give an assembly to the year 5 and 6 students about transitions to secondary school.  The assembly was designed to give students a bit more information and a more accurate idea of what secondary school is like, especially life at Townsend.  Before the assembly, the Townsend students sat in on their worship and assembly, where the students talked about visiting the local Church for harvest festival and reflected on the kind of day they had.  It was a pleasure visiting the school and seeing some familiar faces who have visited Townsend for workshops before!

Friday, 3 October 2014

Accelerated Reader launch

Lots of exciting things have been going on in school this week, including the launch of a brand new scheme, Accelerated Reader, for years 7 and 8 students.

The scheme is designed to monitor students' reading levels, as well as their progress in reading from the beginning of the academic year right through to the end.

After taking a short test, the students' reading levels are obtained.  Using these they can then find appropriate books for their reading level so they are challenged yet it is not too difficult or easy for them. 

After completing the book, the students take a short quiz to monitor their progress and achievements are rewarded in different stages.  Students have individual goals to strive for within a specific time period to ensure progress is being made.

The scheme is launching to coincide with our school literacy policy, which will also include all year 7 and 8 students reading for five minutes at the beginning of each of their lessons from Monday.

We hope the students find the scheme challenging yet rewarding and helping to improve reading can never be a bad thing!