Tuesday, 3 May 2016


This Theatre in Education production took place with year 9 on Wednesday of this week. It was a hard hitting story about child sexual exploitation and gave out a number of very important safety messages to the students. These included; if students are using social media or online gaming sites their privacy setting on the computer they are using should be at the highest point possible; at no point should any child send any explicit photograph of themselves to anyone else for any reason; online no one really knows who they are talking to; people are very skilled and clever with regards to grooming young people particularly those who are vulnerable (making children feel special and presenting them with gifts or allegedly treating them like adults). Do talk to your child about what they heard and get them to give you the important messages they learned! 
Finally, all students were given a leaflet about the production and on the back were several helplines and websites children could access if they felt they were worried about anything or wanted to talk to someone about what they had seen or what was going on in their lives. They were also encouraged to talk to parents/carers and teachers if they were anxious.