Friday, 23 October 2015

Diversity Day celebrated at Townsend

Today Townsend celebrated Diversity day!

Every form in school was given a country to represent.  They had to create a display and if possible include some kind of traditional custom/game/foods to share with spectators.  The event took place in the school hall at lunchtime for Townsend students, and local primary school Margaret Wix were also invited to come and take part in the games and see the display.  Each person through the door then had to cast their vote into the ballot box for their favourite display, with each stall being manned by a member of the form, along with their teachers.
Year 11 Natasja said "It was a fantastic event to be part of, I really appreciated seeing all the different countries' displays and foods.  We had Zimbabwe - not many people know about this country, so it helped to widen our knowledge about this and all the other countries.  The food was also a great addition to the displays, as people don't always know where popular foods in this country have originated form"
The wining display was Jamaica, who had lots of dishes and yummy cakes on display, including banana cake and Jamaican Ginger cake!