Friday, 2 October 2015

Sue Hampton Author Visit today

Local author Sue Hampton visited Year 7 students at Townsend today to give a talk with a workshop activity combined. 

In her talk, Sue spoke about her condition of alopecia and how it has helped with her writing her teenage novels.

She also spoke about the different characters within her books, teaching students how she begins an idea and character for each of her novels.  The students then had to work through the same process as Sue by creating a new character for her story "The Daydreamers"; what they were like using three adjectives, the location they were in to start their story and what the characters were feeling.

Year 7 student Jessica said: "I liked the part of the talk when Sue spoke about her life when she first had alopecia - when her hair first started falling out and how she coped with it.  I also liked when we made our spider diagrams for choosing our characters ourselves and what happens next in Sue's own story".

After the talk, Sue held a book signing in the Discovery Centre, where lots of her books sold out, they were so popular!!

Don't forget, you can buy your own signed copy of any of Sue's books by visiting:

All of Sue's books are also within the Discovery Centre to borrow as well.