Monday, 16 June 2014

In Hindsight band visiting Townsend

Townsend C of E School hosted the up and coming band ' In Hindsight' today for a small gig in the Discovery Centre.  Year 8 students were treated to a private gig with a Q and A session, followed by a lunchtime performance for the whole school.  The students and staff thoroughly enjoyed their music and interaction with the students they performed to. They were asked to perform because they deliver a strong anti-drink and drugs message for young people. Having worked in the industry for a while they have had experiences of seeing the pitfalls of how substance misuse affects people and they were able to communicate this to the students in a positive way. As lead for PSHE/LFL in school, Miss Dan explained "This was a powerful and alternative way of educating our pupils about the dangers of drugs and alcohol, and it really worked!  The Question and Answer session was well received, as well as the music of course!"