Friday, 24 October 2014

A journey through the universe

Yesterday Dr Nick Wright from the University of Hertfordshire came in to talk to students about a journey through the universe. 

The first talk was delivered to a select group of students from years 7, 8 and 9 about space:

"We were given lots of information, some key facts were how the sun transmits energy (hydrogen to helium); how there is a black hole in the middle of each galaxy and how we might be pulverised by the exploding sun in three billion years time.  Overall I enjoyed the presentation and hope there will be another one."

"We also learnt about our solar system and how scientists don't know why the planets are spaced apart.  We looked at examples of planets and stars and other possible life.  After this we looked at galaxies and the different types.  There is a spiral galaxy and when two spiral galaxies collide it makes an elliptical galaxy.  We finally heard about about the big bang and how the universe is expanding.  Overall I enjoyed the visit from the astronomer very much and I hope there is another one soon."

Another talk was then given to Year 10 GCSE students:

"n the triple science lecture, we learnt a lot of interesting things about our universe and galaxies.  We learnt the different galaxy shapes, the main ones being spiral and elliptical.  We found out how astronomers work out the amount of galaxies and stars and how they are created.  We learnt a great deal on how all of the elements we need are made and how these elements are distributed throughout the universe during supernovas and explosions of stars.  Dr Nick also answered any questions we had, which was all really interesting!"