Friday, 24 October 2014

St Albans Council chambers visit

Last Thursday eight sixth form students visited the St Albans Council Chambers by the Alban Arena to put forward and discuss various proposed motions.  In attendance were a number of councillors with various roles.  The students were split into groups, to put forward their motions which would later be debated.  The issues debated throughout the session were:

Whether people with unhealthy lifestyles should be given less help on the NHS

Whether Sixteen year olds should be given the right to vote.

Whether St Albans should spend more money on education and less on welfare.

After being given time to prepare the presentations, everyone returned to the chambers for the afternoon to hold the debate.  The mayor of St Albans was also present for this to oversee the issues.
School age students from across the district took part, from year 10 through to year 13 students.  The debates included different issues, views and opinions, with some heated discussions!  A vote was held at the end of each proposed motion to see if it would hypothetically be brought into power and as if it was a real life situation.
The debate was filmed, with all schools receiving a copy for themselves.  The following week, the Townsend students came back to school and delivered a presentation to the rest of sixth form about the day during their LFL lesson, explaining the issues discussed and even holding their own debate in school during the lesson!
A great experience and we hope the students involved enjoyed their day!
Images below from the previous week's debate in the Chambers: