Friday, 3 October 2014

Accelerated Reader launch

Lots of exciting things have been going on in school this week, including the launch of a brand new scheme, Accelerated Reader, for years 7 and 8 students.

The scheme is designed to monitor students' reading levels, as well as their progress in reading from the beginning of the academic year right through to the end.

After taking a short test, the students' reading levels are obtained.  Using these they can then find appropriate books for their reading level so they are challenged yet it is not too difficult or easy for them. 

After completing the book, the students take a short quiz to monitor their progress and achievements are rewarded in different stages.  Students have individual goals to strive for within a specific time period to ensure progress is being made.

The scheme is launching to coincide with our school literacy policy, which will also include all year 7 and 8 students reading for five minutes at the beginning of each of their lessons from Monday.

We hope the students find the scheme challenging yet rewarding and helping to improve reading can never be a bad thing!